About Us

Real Life seeks to be a community of Christ-followers, truly led by the Holy Spirit to be a worshipful and healing presence in the city and SLO county.

Where and when

Real Life Fellowship meets on Sunday Mornings at 10 AM at 3055 Duncan Lane Suite D in San Luis Obispo. 


Real Life Fellowship began in a living room in September 2009. Our heart was to see if God would bless and lead a congregation whose heart was to explore what a truly Holy Spirit-led church would look like, where the pastor-teacher is just one role among peers as outlined in Scripture. Our heart is that the Body of Christ would find a much fuller expression where more than a pastor's voice is heard, believing that the Holy Spirit speaks through the most quiet-spirited individuals, if we are willing to listen and provide a holy forum whereby He can be heard by all, through all.

For many of us, it has been a long road through different denominations, but our desire is that Jesus Christ lead us into a fresh wine skin, a model that He may more directly lead by His Word and His Spirit. People have told us that this cannot be done, because strong leadership is a requirement. We believe that there is not a better Leader than God Himself, Who is able to lead us, if we will but trust Him to do so, with a corporate heart to follow His counsel, His Word, and His Spirit, as discerned by the Body. 

This has not been easy. Initially, people problems abounded. Some saw us as a clean slate upon which they could write. Others had expectations that could not be met and they decided to leave. But we have not given up, because we simply do not want to "do church" as it has been handed down to us. Our attitude is not one of arrogance, but of desire. We are not anti-traditional, anti-evangelical, or anti any other current church model. We've just handed God the reins and asked Him, "Who do You want us to be? How do You want us to look? Will You lead us?" It has taken more faith and trust than we initially would have believed to let God lead us in this way, but it continues to be a rewarding adventure as we are wisely led by Jesus Christ, speaking through a broader expression of His people.