Prepare the Way of the Lord!

I wanted to share this powerful picture the Lord gave me of John the Baptist. It has inspired me to consider how I am answering the call of the Father to prepare for the coming of Jesus in this day….the promised revival where many hearts will be touched by the Holy Spirit and will be hungry to receive Jesus.

Are we ready to answer the call to minister to this great influx of souls that will be coming to our doorstep?

The Call of John the Baptist

Just after sunset, a figure climbs a small hill overlooking the Jordan River. The man is roughly dressed and though his hair and body are clean, no brush has touched the hair of his head for many days. He looks out over the Jordan Valley, on a moonlit night that is a kaleidoscope of colors and images, of light and dark, made so by the interplay of wind and clouds, moon and stars in a grand display.

A FIERCE FIRE of LOVE burns in his heart for Adonai. And though the beauty that surrounds him is serene and magnificent, it is a longing for the Courts of Adonai that inspires him; and especially, it is a deep yearning for the Majestic One who sits upon a Throne SO BEAUTIFUL, it defies description.

He ponders the words his father said were spoken by the Angel:

“Zecharias, your son will move in the spirit and power of Elijah.”

These powerful words now define his very existence and clarify his mission… for here, on this hill, overlooking the Jordan River, he stands where centuries before, the prophet Elijah was carried to heaven in a whirlwind. It was here on this very hill – where he now stands. He now stands where Elijah last stood, just before being taken to Heaven.

He is humbled at the thought. How could HE ever be compared to Elijah?

How could HE even BEGIN to walk in the shoes of this Mighty Legend of Israel?

“Your son will move in the spirit and power of Elijah…”

He lifts his head and looks out across the muddy Jordan. On the far side of the river, 12 large stones glow in the moonlight, and he recognizes them. Many years ago, HERE at this very place, God’s people CROSSED OVER the Jordan into the Promised Land, while the Angel of Adonai stopped the flood waters of the Jordan miles upstream. The Jordan was flooded, but they crossed on Dry Land. He could almost see their wonder… HEAR God’s people sing as they joyfully CROSSED the Jordan into the Land of Promise! Hundreds of thousands Crossing Over into…OUR land.Crossing Over… He considered the thought…HERE…Elijah crossed over in a Heavenly Whirlwind to the Courts of Adonai.

And HERE Israel crossed over from 400 years of slavery and 40 years in the Desert into their New home! And he pondered: one more crossing lay ahead for the People of Adonai: CROSSING OVER from Death to Life! Messiah, the SON of God, was about to be revealed!! And, he thought, I’ve been chosen to be the Forerunner that reveals Him! Adonai’s people would be invited to repent of their sinful ways, and CROSS OVER from darkness to light; CROSS OVER from their selfishness and lawless corruption to return to the ways of Adonai. Soon this drama would all unfold, but not tonight. Tonight he prays.

Tonight his knees touch the earth in a familiar posture of worship of the Holy One of Israel.

“I will be Your Voice, Adonai: The one calling to Your people: “In the wilderness, Prepare The Way of the LORD! Make straight in the desert, a Highway for our GOD!”

Help us, Lord, to be ready to answer the call to minister to this great influx of souls that will be coming into the kingdom. We want to be Your voice…your hands…your feet today.