If My People...

You are sitting in your living room, eating dinner or a snack and watching the game or your favorite show after a hard day.  You’ve got your feet up and your smart phone in your hand. I’ve been there.  So have you.

Contrast this with Elijah, on a hill overlooking the sea, curled up in a fetal position – it says he had his head between his knees – in an agonizing cry to God for the rain to come.  The position he was in is not all that different from the position of giving birth.  Elijah was BRINGING FORTH a prayer in deep agony, a deep cry.

Contrast this with Billy Graham, who is with his staff checking out some land, whether the land is suitable for their purposes. While they discuss their options, when they turn to ask Billy his opinion, they are surprised to see Billy down with his face on the ground, seeking the LORD in prayer.

Contrast this with Charles Finney going into the forest to be with God, being met by what he described later as WAVES of liquid Love washing over him, increasing so much in intensity, that he asked God to stop them for fear that he would die.

Contrast this with Hannah, the mother of Samuel, before the Lord, crying out for a son, praying so intensely that Eli the priest thought she was drunk.

Contrast this with the 120 gathered in the Upper Room waiting for the fulfillment of Jesus word that they would be baptized in the Holy Spirit not many days from the time He ascended.

Contrast us in our easy chair in front of our TV with Daniel, on his face, fasting and praying and seeking until the answer came in the form of an angel.

Some of us, MOST of us don’t know what that kind of prayer looks like.  Maybe you feel that that kind of deep heart cry in prayer is for other people who have that kind of ministry.

But it’s not.  It is within you as well.